To ensure blessing for a newborn child, we at Bay Area Hindu Priest conduct Namkaran Puja Sansakara Vidhi (i.e. Naming ceremony) with utmost Vedic accuracy. Pandit Ji in Bay Area, as per your convenience and specific requirements conducts the Hindu baby naming ceremonies. We also conduct Moola Dosha Shanti Pooja if native is born under the influence of an inauspicious Nakshatra. To let newborn child have a brighter blissful future, Hindu Priests in Bay Area offer effective Mool Nakshatra Shanti Remedies. In addition, the “Sataisa’ pooja conducted by Pandit Ji in USA will help the child have a blessed and healthy life.

  • Newborn child Yagya is performed for the newly born baby to ensure his smooth, safe and successful life.
  • We conduct all the rituals For New Born Babies in Bay Area USA and let Newborn child enjoy prosperous and blessed future beyond the negative impacts of malicious planets